Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the Navy

As I was putting together this post, I was thrilled to receive the latest issues of Shop Til You Drop Magazine featuring my navy silk ‘Pull-on’ Pants - in it their Micro-Trend section ‘In the Navy’.

For me though, navy is more than a trend. The colour is actually core to the philosophy and development of my label. While black is seen to be the standard colour of fashion, turned to by women around the world as a safe and slimming option, I put forward a different (though certainly not new) proposition – navy. Like black, navy has the same safe and slimming aspects; more than black, navy does actually go with everything - from darks and neutrals through to brights and colours. While black can have a tendency to make colour ‘cheap’ navy allows it to sing. While black can be hard against the skin – especially as you get older – navy softens. For these - among other - reasons it’s the colour I choose as the backbone to every collection. Season after season it is always there, continuing to work with the pieces you already own from me and the pieces you will continue to acquire, continuing to work for your life and style.

And if you need any more convincing about the value of navy – Ines de la Fressange (the French model and style icon), in a recent book on opinions of style by some of the worlds top taste-makers, chooses navy as her favourite colour – ‘because it looks good on everyone’.

Oh and just in case you were wondering – yes, you can wear navy and black together – tres chic.


Sentir said...

Navy is great for men too, especially on blazers, gives it a classy look.

Black and navy? hmmm, I guess as long as the navy is on the light side.

anonwomen said...

no, you can totally do a dark navy with a black, the two tones playing subtly off each other, it works really well especially if you use different textures and finishes.

Mira Maulia said...

indeed :)

figure5 said...

Hey Ben, saw your comment on the picture of Francesco at Garance Dore so thought I'd come have a look - and what do you know, as I type this from my London boudoir I am dressed entirely in navy! Accidental, but it did make me realise what a soothing colour it is to wear.

anonwomen said...


Glad you popped over to check out my blog - hope you enjoyed it. I am sure you are looking fab in your navy.


Anonymous said...

I don´t like this color, but it looks great in white skins.

xo xo

anonwomen said...

I disagree, i think navy work really well on all skin types, think of how great a deep navy works on dark skin like on model Alex Wek.