Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crazy for Krasner

One of my favourite works at the NGV here is Melbourne is the Lee Krasner work – Combat 1965. Krasner was the wife of fellow artist Jackson Pollock. It was not until well after his death that she received the attention she deserved as an artist in her own right.

I love the feeling of energy and movement in this work. It is, to me, like a dance happening across the canvas - bold sweeping gestures full of power and emotion. I get caught up in the motion and energy of the piece. I want to dance in front of it leaping and twirling to the strokes of paint.


Shadan Saber said...

i love ur blog!
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faizz said...

hei en, how are u? nice to see ure blog, ecxelent. any way im faizz from jakarta indonesia.

anonwomen said...

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