Monday, January 26, 2009

Michelle Obama

A lot has been said and written about the new First Lady of the USA; on her style, the braveness of her sartorial choices, of her ability to be a saviour to the American Fashion Industry. . .

What I respond most to - and the lesson to be learnt from her choices and the way she presents herself – is, that no matter what she wears it is all about Michelle Obama. While some of the names on the labels are little know or seen to be ‘cutting edge’ the clothes themselves are reasonably conservative; a shift dress, a cardigan and pants, a simple coat or blazer. Where she is most successful is that the clothes really act as a frame to allow us to see the woman wearing them, it is not actually the dress but the personality we are attracted to. She looks great because we can see that she is poised and confident, she is strong and efficient. The clothes don’t do this for her but the way she wears them reveals this to us.

So if you want to be inspired by the way Michelle dresses, don’t go out and buy a wardrobe full of shift dresses in interesting prints, paired with flats and a great broach. Look at the bigger issue of style, find things that express who you are, that say something about your personality and vision of the world. Wear clothes, don’t allow them to wear you. Do it with confidence and poise and you to can have style like Mrs O.

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