Saturday, January 24, 2009


With just over 3 months to go, preparations are well under way to show our Spring Summer 09/10 collection at Australian Fashion Week.

It all really started last year - as summer dawned, so to did the contemplation of what women will want to be wearing in a years time. The colours, shapes, mood and attitude. The collection is now well under way, and I am excited to say looking absolutely amazing, it's going to be such a beautiful evolution of the Anon. Women collection, further developing and strengthening the core values and philosophy of the brand.

As the collection starts to materialize the task of pulling it all together making it into a cohesive salable package and presentation begings - we are now working on making a show happen. With the wonderful help of Lisa Smith from Agent 25 we are in negotiations with some first class sponsors who are going to help us stage and present our show. We are in discussions with a venue, with a music director, developing accessories, the direction of hair and make-up, everything is coming together.

I am so excited about what is on the table and can't wait to share it with you as everything falls into place.

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