Friday, March 20, 2009

Anon. Women - Nella Sologinkin

Last month I featured Loren Sologinkin as my Anon. woman. Today it's her mum's turn. Nella is such a fantastic embodiment of Anon. Women, she is successful in her life and work, she is confident and has great style. In the collection we do three sizes that cover from an Australian size 10 through to a size 18, we believe in dressing real women, the collection isnt about plus sizes its about real sizes and I find we sell as many size 1's as we do 3's. The clothes are designed to really flatter a woman's figure, holding where she needs to be held and forgiving the areas that need forgiveness. Nella is a great example of a woman who is not a stick looking great in the collection. Here she is wearing our waxed cotton circular shirt dress in navy as a trench over our navy waxed cotton funnel neck dress. The sweep of the coat is so dramatic and chic, I love how it brings out the inner Diva in Nella. As I keep saying what ever you wear make sure you wear it with confidence and style - 'OWN IT', love your self in it and you will look great.

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