Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spring Summer 09

With Spring just around the corner I thought I would give you a preview of our Spring Summer collection, dropping in September, look out for listing of stores near you.

An evocation of Summer – of LIGHT, AIR, SPACE and BREATH.

A modern woman who moves though the world with grace, strength and style. -clothes that reflect her life, personality and passions.

Linen, washed silk and silk jersey.

The palette – like an ombre of the summer sky. WHITE light on the horizon as day breaks, a subtle shimmer of gold – CHAMPAGNE from the sun, SLATE blue arcs overhead in the haze of the mid-day heat, temperature drops as the night falls to a sheltering sky of NAVY, deepening to a rich dense BRONZE in the darkness before dawn.

Carefully considered classics: building blocks for every woman’s wardrobe.

Pull on pants perfected – cut to be chic and modern, flat fronted or with soft tucks.

A bias tank; a silk top – subtley nuanced with shape and flow, holding and forgiving as needed.

A caftan drapes languidly around the body, belt it for business, leave it loose for louche luxury or open as a cardigan for casual comfort.

Draped dresses of a single piece of cloth wrap and fold around the body like a gentle summer breeze.

A gentle wrap and drape. A cowl like a tromp toeil. The air of soft volume. An arcing back. The gentle breeze of cloth over the body.

Sensuality, sophistication and style.

Pieces with versatility and value.

Things that women will love and want to wear.

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